Xiaomi Smart Display 10 appears on Bluetooth SIG certification website; launch seems imminent

Xiaomi is working to bring the new smart display soon in gadget market. Considering past history, the company bis continuously bringing the smart display under both Xiaomi and Redmi device but, only for Chinese market. And now, the upcoming Smart Display appears on Bluetooth SIG certification website hinting at its imminent launch. This upcoming smart display is likely to arrive with big upgrades over previous and current display. In addition, for now the company has 4-inch touch screen smart clock, 8-inch smart display with AI speaker and more. However, these are available only in China. But, for global market, the company has 4-inch Mi Smart Clock with Google assistant.

Xiaomi Smart Display 10 details via Bluetooth SIG certification website

The company plans to launch the upcoming Xiaomi smart Display 10 very soon as it appears on Bluetooth SIG certification. Moreover, the listing reveals the Bluetooth version in device alongwith screen size. As per the listing, the upcoming smart display will have model number X10A with Moniker Xiaomi Smart Display 10. However, the 10 in the moniker most probably suggest the display size of the screen. Furthermore, the upcoming display 10 will carry Bluetooth 5.0 support. Additionally, the smart display will have R0105 hardware version and software version of V2.1.4. Other than this, there is no details regarding the upcoming Xiaomi Smart Display 10.

Moreover, there are speculations that the upcoming display like other previous displays will also get power and volume keys on top of side. In addition, the display might also support touch gestures along with Xiao Ai voice assistance in China.

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