Redmi K50 series will be first to bring Bluetooth 5.3 Bluetooth support; know the details

Xiaomi is now all set to bring its most talked about device from Redmi branding i.e Redmi K50 series. Moreover, the company confirms that the device will officially arrive on March 17. There are also chances that there would be additional devices on the launch event along with this series. In addition, the company one after other is teasing the details of the device attracting the users. And, now the company reveals that the upcoming Redmi K50 series will be the first one in Smartphone industry to have Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity.

Redmi K50 series to arrive with Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity

The company is all set to bring the most talked about device Redmi K50 series. Moreover, the company shares the device will feature Bluetooth 5.3 and will be the first one in the market to arrive with this. In addition, the company website reveals that the Bluetooth 5.3 arriving in this series will reduce the latency. Thus, will be best for gamers as it has low latency and less power consumption and great anti-interference ability. Furthermore, the upcoming series will be the first one to have MediaTek Dimensity 8100 processor and now also the first one to have 5.3 Bluetooth.

Moreover, the company earlier states that the series restores the beauty of the universe with usage of new nano-microcrystalline process. This technology has an inspiration by the Olivine Meteorite that is present at the rear panel of the Smartphones. In addition, this upcoming Redmi K50 series will include Redmi K50, Redmi K50 Pro and the Redmi K50 Pro+ alongwith K50 Gaming Edition.

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