Motorola smartphone Felix leaked design details; will arrive with flexible rollable display

Motorola is working to bring new foldable device under moniker Moto Razr 3. Moreover, the report suggest that this upcoming Foldable smartphone will arrive in July or August in China. In addition, the company is working on another smartphone that has codename Felix. The report suggest that this upcoming device will be the foldable device with rollable display. In the race of rollable smartphone, Motorola is also making its impression in the Market. Furthermore, the screen of this device will get wider from one side because of the motor in the device. This upcoming Felix device will expand upwards instead of expanding sideways.

Motorola smartphone Felix leaked

The company is working on its first rollable display smartphone with codename Felix. Moreover, there is no confirmation on the moniker of the device yet. The upcoming device is still under works. In addition, the tipster Evan Blass in collaboration with 91Mobiles reveals that the Felix will be different than the all other devices leaked till now. The tipster suggest that despite of expanding sideways like other rollable smartphone, the device will expand vertically. The report reads that ‘ In Motorola first attempt at rollable display, the device expands vertically, with about third of its display, when compact, wrapped around a spindle at the bottom and facing backward.

Moreover, the tipster further states that the company’s upcoming rollable device prototype undergoes testing with Android 12. In addition, as per tipster the device is under manufacturing process. And most probably will launch in the end of this year. However, there is no confirmation from the company regarding this.

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